Meet Adam


What was your favourite part of the West Africa Cycle Challenge?

My favourite part was meeting a great group of like minded people and going on the adventure together. I found that there's something so great about getting to know people as you experience a new culture and different challenges together.

Do you have a favourite memory of the challenge?

There's definitely a few I could name. A real highlight was entering the village to an unbelievable reception at the end of the first day of cycling. The locals made us feel so welcome and were incredibly hospitable, particularly considering how little they have. Another great memory was cycling in the torrential rain, so heavy that we could barely see but it was refreshing because of the heat. I remember at the end of that day everyone was really tired because it had been quite a long stretch, but no one complained or moaned about anything, we just sat down and enjoyed a well earned beer together in the evening.

What did you find tough/difficult about the West Africa Cycle Challenge?

The most difficult part was visiting the slum in Monrovia. I've never experienced such filth, where sickness is absolutely rife. For me that was real poverty- we'd been to other places that were extremely poor, but the people had an inner joy. Here, in the slum in Monrovia, that didn't exist. There was a hopelessness associated with this kind of poverty and it was heartbreaking.

Which project did you find the most interesting?

I found the project in Bo really interesting because right next to a relatively built up town there are really rural feeling villages and it was just really interesting to see how these two almost different sort of cultures interact and the unique challenges it presents to Street Child in that area.

What advice would you give someone taking part in the challenge next year?

It's probably a cliche, but it's absolutely the truth that you have to embrace it. All the challenges and quirks, all the thrills and spills. It's an adventure you may never get to experience again so enjoy the ride, the culture and a few days without 1st world technology.

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